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RIDE Schedule

Warning: songs may contain explicit lyrics.

At island RIDE we have taken the average indoor cycling experience and bumped it up a few notches….quite a few! Our high-tech equipment, motivating music and atmospheric lighting will allow you to experience a total RIDE immersion. Riders are able to focus on achieving their personal best performance before, during and after each RIDE.  In addition, our instructors are certified thru Stages Cycling University (cycle manufacture) or equivalent certification and island RIDE’s cycling focused instructing method, ensuring quality and consistency of the experience every time.

WARNING: Songs may contain explicit lyrics.


Our signature RIDE is a 45-minute cardio focused workout featuring true indoor cycling techniques to the beat of exhilarating music.  No weights, no choreographed moves…just RIDE.  We turn out the lights and turn up the music, competition falls away and we merge as one cohesive unit, a true peloton.  You’ll leave energized and inspired ready to take on the world!

RIDE 101

If you’re new to fitness, taking the first step is often difficult and we understand it can be intimidating and overwhelming.  Due to the advanced technology aspect of our system you need not worry about taking a “beginner” class at island RIDE.  The RIDE will be customized to your own fitness level on your very first visit by learning your individual Functional Threshold Power level during the RIDE.  Your instructor will know that you are new and pay special attention to you during the RIDE.  So don’t worry, we got you!  The key is to ARRIVE AT LEAST 20 MINUTES EARLY on your very first RIDE so the instructor has time to fit you to your bike and give you a brief tutorial to the system before the RIDE starts.

eRIDE – stay tuned for details!

Private RIDE

Our studio is the perfect place to host your next non-profit fundraiser or private party with one-on-one attention from our staff and a personalized playlist.  Stop in or give us a call for more information.