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What is Island RIDE?

Island RIDE is an indoor cycling experience like none other. We incorporate interval-training concepts with performance measurement to create a dynamic, efficient, effective and exciting cardio-focused workout in an electrifying night club atmosphere. Our exhilarating 45 and 30 minute RIDEs will take your heart rate to significant highs and recuperative lows from start to finish.

At Island RIDE we utilize the power of Stages Studio, a web-based data analysis tool. Its functions include dynamic FTP testing, custom intensity rides, and competition modes. The system tracks your individual performance statistics during each ride. Once class is over your stats are emailed to you (if you elect) and tracked in your online account, providing data such as calories burned and energy generated, which allows for setting and achieving goals in future classes.

Knowing your power output, or how much work you are doing, is essential for understanding your fitness level and how you are progressing. Since heart rate can be widely affected by physiological influences, training using both power output (work done) and heart rate (response to work done) data will give you the most comprehensive feedback in order to fine-tune your training plan.

Is Island RIDE for beginners?

Island RIDE is for everyBODY! Whether you’re training or toning, our RIDE concept was created to ensure the ultimate indoor cycling experience for every level of fitness, including beginners!

Do I have to become a member of Island RIDE?

At Island RIDE you pay-per-class. We have several options available based on your specific needs. You can pay as you go with an individual RIDE, buy packages of 5 or 10 RIDEs or Monthly unlimited RIDEs are available.  We often have specials so sign up for our newsletter or follow us on Instagram or Facebook to stay up to date.

How do I book a reservation?

Click on our How to Reserve page for our simple online reservation process.   Advance class reservations are required to ensure your spot in class.  If you are unable to reserve online for some reason please call ahead before coming into the studio.  Class may be full or we may have to unexpectedly cancel a class due to no sign-ups or other unanticipated reasons.  We will always teach a class if at least 1 person is signed up so if that one person is you the only way we’ll know is if you reserve ahead of time.

Do I need to bring anything special for class?

4 Key Essentials:

  • Regular athletic shoes (we have toe cages) or cycling shoes with SPD or Delta Look cleats.  We do NOT rent shoes.
  • A sweat towel
  • Water
  • A positive attitude

We’ll handle the rest – sweat towels are no longer available due to covid, a water bottle refill station and ear plugs are available if you are sensitive to loud music.

Do I need to wear cycle shoes?

We HIGHLY recommend wearing cycling shoes although they are not required to ride. We DO NOT have shoes available for rent.  Our bike pedals are able to fit SPD clips, Delta Look and can accommodate your regular athletic shoes. It is important to note that the effectiveness is much greater when wearing cycle shoes. There is a more balanced use of the leg muscles, providing stability to the knee and reducing foot movement, which decreases the possibility of injury. Foot tenderness is reduced because your cycling shoes are attached to the pedal (aka clipped in). This prevents the numbness that is caused by athletic shoes squeezed into the narrow toe cages. Lastly, cycling shoes have reinforced soles that can improve performance and reduce stress to the Achilles tendon and calf muscles.

Can I cancel my reserved class?

We understand that life happens and cancellations are necessary. But no worries, just stay in line with our cancellation policy and you won’t get charged.
Cancellations made at least 6 hours before your scheduled class will not be charged. Monthly unlimited members will be charged $10 for no shows or cancellations not made 6 hours prior to the reserved class.
To cancel your class, simply log into your Mindbody account, click my reservations, then click “unreserve”.  Communication is key so if you can’t make it and are unable to cancel online please give us a call to let us know.

Will I lose my bike if I’m late?

We will hold your bike for you if you are running late, but you have to let us know.  Just give us a call or text us at (808) 634-7800 (please DO NOT send an email or message on social media) so we can hold your spot.   Note, we will release your spot exactly 2 minutes prior to the start of class if we aren’t given notice.

Does my package have an expiration date?

All regular RIDE passes expire 6 months from the date of first use. Monthly unlimited ride packages are valid for 30 days from the date of first use.  We often have specials that are time sensitive so be sure to pay attention when you purchase a special as it will most likely have a time limitation…which is what makes it “special”.

Can I book a private RIDE?

For sure! We offer individual one-on-one classes or private group classes for teams, businesses, groups, clubs, etc upon request. Please email team@islandridekauai.com for more information about scheduling a private RIDE.

Is there an age requirement?

Our minimum age requirement is 15 years of age and minimum height requirement of 4’11” or taller due to proper bike fit for safety. Guests under 18 of age must have a parent/guardian complete a waiver before attending and must be accompanied in class at all times by an adult.

Is childcare available?

Our space is limited which does not allow us to provide childcare at this time. Please do not leave children under 15 unattended.

How do I fit my bike?


I’m sure you may have more questions, and if so, we’re glad to answer them. Give us a call at (808) 634-7800, or drop us an email to team@islandridekauai.com