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Aloha! Please take note of our RIDE Etiquette to ensure we all have an amazing experience.

Arrive on Time

Yeah it’s true we all stay on island time but please make an exception for your time at island RIDE. We require that you arrive at least 15 MINUTES BEFORE your scheduled class start time. You’ll need this time to check in at the front desk, set up your bike, put on your cycling shoes, fill up your water bottle, high five your neighbor, and settle in to RIDE!
If you arrive late, we may give your bike to someone else which would be a huge bummer (except to the rider who gets your bike). Or if your instructor is the only one in the studio he or she will need to lock the door to ensure all property is safe during the RIDE so you may be LOCKED OUT if you arrive late.  Once we are on our bikes and ready to RIDE the lights will dim and the music will get loud so there will be NO entry into the RIDE room unless you’ve notified your instructor and they are anticipating your late arrival.

Stay for the Whole Class

Unless an unforeseen emergency forces you to leave early we ask that you please stay for the entire class.  An early departure is a distraction for the rest of class and can drain the energy of everyone else left riding. Plus the lights will be low and the music turned up so to avoid possible injury to yourself or others we ask that you remain seated on your bike until the class comes to a full and complete stop.  If you absolutely have to leave early please select a bike next to the front door so as not to disrupt class upon your departure.

Where do I put my stuff?

Our RIDE room is compact and designed for you and the bikes only.   Let’s keep the areas around the bikes clear of potential tripping hazards.  We have cubbies to store your bags and other personal items in our lobby during class.  If your instructor is the only staff member at the studio during class the front door will be locked to ensure your items are safe.

Cell Phones

Cell phones are a big NO NO in the RIDE room. This time is for YOU to turn off and unplug. So please do yourself and the rest of us a huge favor and turn off your phone, switch it to silent mode, put it away in your bag in the cubby/locker or just leave it in your car.

Chit Chat

Don’t be that person. We are all here to have fun and get in an awesome workout.  If you are able to hold a conversation during your RIDE guaranteed you are not working hard enough. However, we do love and encourage you to chat before and after class. Our lobby area is designed for socializing!

Stink so Good

Our RIDEs typically become a major sweat-fest, and we are all likely to be drenched and stinky by the end. An ounce of prevention can minimize the stench. Wear fresh, clean clothes not yesterday’s smelly workout attire to class along with a healthy dose of deodorant or antiperspirant. Please do not douse yourself in heavy perfume or cologne to try to mask the scent of old sweat. That only makes things worse.

Good Vibes Only

I get it, we all have bad days but now you are here to let go and get a great workout so let’s all leave our negative attitudes out in the parking lot. A bad attitude sucks away the life and energy of those around you. Indoor cycling is a team workout. We won’t tolerate bullies at island RIDE.  If you can’t say anything nice, please keep it to yourself.  If a particular instructor or the vibe or music in a class rubs you the wrong way or a fellow rider rubs you the wrong way, don’t vent your frustrations during class. That can ruin the experience for other participants and lead to tension or animosity. We care about you and what you have to say so please talk to the instructor or studio owner privately.

Clean up after your Selfie

No one wants to climb onto a bike that’s dripping with your sweat—or to have to clean it themselves. We have disinfecting wipes located near the entrance to the RIDE room so please grab a couple and wipe down your bike’s handlebars, seat, and knobs after your ride.