Why do you RIDE?
I dig people and the positive vibe at the studio! I also love having a 30-45min of pushing my body while listening to amazing tracks and getting extra sweaty 🙂

3 tracks on your current playlist… (I’m a music junky, so this is ever evolving and very eclectic!)
Only in dreams (Weezer) Bad at love (Halsey) Girl at Coachella (Magic/Matoma)

Where to find you when you’re not at Island RIDE…
Wilcox Hospital (I’m an RN in my other life)…or at the beach!

Favorite past time…
Cooking and having house parties

Guilty pleasures…
Ben & Jerrys/Netflix binges -or- Sipping Moscato at the beach

Favorite phrases or quotes…
“This Too Shall Pass”
“She Who Leaves a Trail of Glitter is Never Forgotten”